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Oscha Starry Night Horizon Necklace

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Out of stock


Length from popper to popper is on average approx. 48-55cm variable for each necklace, if you would like to know the specific length please feel free to e-mail me.

The teethers/pendants are hand-crafted from either Birch wood sourced from Wales or American black walnut wood. They are all finished with organic flaxseed oil. Specifically designed to be added to the Slingamebobs twistamebob necklace.

A fabric loop will be added to co-ordinate with your chosen necklace. If you would like a plain black or white loop, please add a note upon checkout.

Please note that the images are representative of the item you will receive. Each wooden teether/pendant is completely unique and will have its own beautiful characteristics.


All my items are handmade so can vary slightly in length and appearance from that shown in the photo.

♥ Slingamebobs necklaces can be worn by anyone! not just mums, but friends, family and dads too! They can be worn just as a beautiful piece of jewellery however they are also a particularly useful aid when breastfeeding or babywearing to distract those little ones from grabbing, pulling, pinching and nipple twiddling! 😉

♥ They are customisable, so you can match your clothes or woven wraps for every occasion and can be worn with or without wooden pendants/teethers. You can choose from lovely bright and funky rainbows or the elegance of plain or patterned wrap fabrics. Babies will love the many choices of different shapes, colours, tastes and feel of the wooden teethers as well as the texture and feel of the twisted fabric.

♥ I only use reputable fabrics, most of which are pure untreated cotton or other blends that has neither been pre-bleached or chemically finished.

♥ Parents often complain about babies chewing their wraps or baby carriers, so a Slingamebobs necklace could help preserve the life of your carrier!

♥ Poppers are made from very strong durable plastic making them better for people who may have allergies to metal.

♥ The teethers are now handcrafted by myself with much love, care and attention. They have undergone extensive safety testing, done by an independent laboratory and tested to BS EN71-3. They are all available in either Birch or Walnut wood and are finished with organic flaxseed oil. They will vary considerably in some cases in appearance to that of the photo due to the nature and grain of each piece of wood.


My wooden teethers have been safety tested to EN71 – 3 however it is important to follow these instructions to ensure continued safety.

  • It is important to always check the teether and necklace before each use to ensure there is no damage. If you notice any cracks or sharp parts please DO NOT give the item to a child. You as the owner of the necklace and teether are responsible for checking it on each and every occasion.
  • Children of any age should at ALL TIMES be supervised with any Slingamebobs products which include wooden teethers.
  • DO NOT soak or submerge in water.
  • DO NOT use harsh or harmful chemicals on any of my products, especially the wooden teethers.
  • DO NOT put the wooden teethers in the freezer.
  • Keep all packaging out of reach of children.
  • Store your Slingamebobs products in a dry place away from damp and moisture. Keep away from direct sunlight.
  • In the rare case that the wearer or the child shows any signs of an allergic reaction stop using immediately and seek medical advice.
  • Slingamebobs necklaces and teethers are NOT toys and should NEVER be left with a child unattended. They are designed for adult use only. The buyer is held liable for any improper use.

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