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My name is Claire, I am wife to Phil and mum to 3 beautiful girls Lucy, Seren and Lyla.

My journey into founding Slingamebobs started with the birth of Lucy. We had bought a high-street-branded baby carrier which we found very uncomfortable for Lucy and us. This led me to research different types of slings which was like opening the gateway to a whole new amazing world of babywearing!  

I started with a moby wrap which was a life saver. After trying many other baby carriers I came into contact with an amazing company called Pouchlings to make us a custom-made wrap conversion baby carrier.

I had some woven wrap scraps returned with my fabulous new carrier to which I thought, “what can I make with these!” I used to do my hair in a twisted style so I experimented and made my 1st ever necklace. I had bought a wooden teether for my daughter, a fish, which I thought would be perfect to add to my necklace and hence my twisted wrap scrap teething necklace idea was born.

In 2013 I attended the School of Babywearing consultancy training course where I met a wonderful group of mamas. Many of which were interested in my necklace and requested me to make them one.

I then attended the European Babywearing Conference 2013 in Bristol which also happened to be on Serens 1st birthday. There were a lot of wonderful comments and interest in my necklace as well as the ones made for friends. After the conference, a lovely mama posted on a forum that she had seen one of my friends wearing a necklace and desperately wanted to find me to also have a twisted wrap scrap teething necklace made, and from that 1 comment I was flooded with orders.

I have now just given up a 12-year career with the R.S.P.C.A to become a full time work at home mum (WAHM) and really enjoy being able to work around my family, being creative, working from home in the beautiful countryside of Wales and most of all making lots of beautiful accessories which parents and babies can really enjoy!

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