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As well as being a beautiful accessory to match your baby carriers, clothes or other items there are also many other benefits to our wrap scrap jewellery!



Babies like the grab and shake things and continually put things in their mouths! With these safe Slingamebobs necklaces and natural wooden teethers they get to see the many colours of the necklaces, to explore the textures of the twisted fabric, the smoothness, warmness and taste of the wooden teethers. The teethers can be interchanged so you can always swap for different shaped teethers, or even wear the necklace without a teether! Relief for teething babies as well as wood having natural antibacterial properties, so no need for sterilizing!


Unlike plastic teethers that can contain liquids or other harsh chemicals, untreated wood or water based, oil based or beeswax finished woods are so much safer and completely natural. Which is also why wood is commonly used for cooking, i.e chopping boards, spoons etc... It is also far more durable than plastics. There are certain woods that are used for teethers, all of which are hard woods that do not splinter.. The popper fastening also acts as a safety feature, even though very strong and takes a lot for it to un-popper, if it is pulled really hard it will just un-popper rather than break and also prevent risk of strangulation!


Unlike many other breastfeeding and babywearing fiddle necklaces, Slingambobs necklaces are pretty much unbreakable which is 1 benefit alot of my customers have said they like aswell as being comfy to wear. My main aim is to help aid teething babies, and to make beautiful but practical babywearing and breastfeeding accessories.





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Every piece of wrap scrap jewellery is handmade in Mid Wales by a small business! 

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